What’s EfficientClub ?

The most important asset in one’s life is their time - the one thing no money can buy.

I care about optimizing the right things, so that I can spend more time on what I really want. More time with the people I love. More time for my curiosity. Health. Spirituality. Investments. Travel.

I started EfficientClub to look for ways to be more efficient at life.

We will talk work, productivity, routines, health and wellness, planning, entrepreneurship, finance.

How to consume EfficientClub ?

EfficientClub is hosted on github, and reposted on medium.

About me

Hi, I’m Miko Pawlikowski and I’m a software engineer, entrepreneur and a lifelong learner. During the day, I build software, teams and relationships. At night, I write about how to make big changes with a little change.

Get in touch

You can shoot me an email at mikolaj at pawlikowski.pl, or hit me on twitter